Unisex Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Long Sleeve Unisex T-Shirts

From R66.96 each (Excluding 15% VAT) Unisex Long Sleeve T-Shirts available in both 180gsm Cotton or Polycotton. Choose from a variety of colours including Black. White. Now available in adult sizes Small. Medium. Large. XL. 2XL and 3XL Unisex Long Sleeve Tees.

What Are Plain Long Sleeve T-Shirts

A Unisex Long Sleeve T-Shirts is a t-shirt with no graphics or patterns on it. They come in all different colors, but the most common are black and blue.

Why wear them? Plain T-shirts are comfortable and versatile. They can get worn with any outfit, especially jeans or shorts. They’re also a good choice if you want to avoid showing off too much skin. And because they’re so versatile. You can mix and match them with different accessories for a look that’s your own.

How to buy one: Plain T-shirts are usually cheap, so it’s easy to find one that’s right for you. Pick out the color and size you want, and you’re ready to go. You can also find them in stores or online.

When you wear a plain, long-sleeve T-shirt. You’re sending a message that you’re comfortable and confident. You can wear them for any activity, whether you’re going for a run or just chilling out at home. Plain T-shirts are also versatile enough to dress up or down, so there’s no wrong time for them. Plus, they’re always comfortable to wear, even when the weather is hot or cold.

Long Sleeve T-Shirts Prices

When it comes to finding a great deal on Long Sleeve T-Shirts. You don’t have to look any further than T-Shirts South Africa. A great way to save money on Unisex Long Sleeve T-Shirts is to shop online. We offer discounts on Plain Long Sleeve T-Shirts when you purchase them in bulk.

PLEASE NOTE: All prices displayed on our website exclude VAT. Prices based on one unit. Minimum order quantity is 20 units. But you can buy a sample from us. Prices can change from time to time. Without prior notice given. Colours and images of the products may differ slightly from actual product. Product images shown below in the Catalogue section.

Long Sleeve T-Shirts Fabrics

When it comes to finding Unisex Long Sleeve T-Shirts, there are several things to consider. The type of T-shirt material, the fit, and the colors. can all make a big difference in how you feel wearing it and how it looks on you.

There are three main types of T-shirt materials: cotton, polyester, and blends. Cotton is the most common type of T-shirt fabric because it’s affordable and durable. It’s also comfortable to wear, but it doesn’t fade or wrinkles as easily as polyester or blends. Polyester is a synthetic fiber that’s like cotton. But it’s more resistant to wrinkles and fading. Blends are a combination of polyester and cotton,. They’re usually less expensive than polyester or cotton alone. They tend to be less comfortable than either polyester or cotton T-shirts. But they’re still acceptable for everyday wear.

Long Sleeve T-Shirts Styles

There are basically three types of Unisex Long Sleeve T-Shirts. Crew Necks, V-Necks, and Hemmed. All three have their own benefits and drawbacks.

Crew Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Crew necks are the most common type of Unisex Long Sleeve T-Shirts. They’re usually made from a cotton or polyester blend. And get cut straight across the front from shoulder to shoulder with no neckline. This style is comfortable and versatile, but it can be a bit too snug in the chest for some people.

V-Neck Long Sleeve T-Shirts

V-necks are another popular type of Unisex Long Sleeve T-Shirts. They’re made from a heavier cotton or woolen fabric. And have a slightly higher neckline than crew necks. This style is more formal than crew necks and is often worn with dressier jeans or skirts.

Hemmed Long Sleeve T-Shirts

Hemmed sleeved Unisex Long Sleeve T-Shirts are a third option. They’re made from a cotton or polyester fabric that’s been woven into a tube shape before being hemmed. This style is less formal than V-necks and crews necks. But it’s also more comfortable because there’s less restriction on movement.

Meaning Of Terms

Tubular Knit

Long tubes of cloth are knitted for each size to start the production of a tubular t-shirt. A robust and wide rib is used for the inset collar at the neck.

Neck Tape

An item of fabric used to protect and support the neckline.

Double Stitching on Sleeves and Hems

Two needles are threaded into two fabrics that are layered on top of one another to create a double stitch. The end result is a flat seam where the two threads can be seen clearly.

Classic Fit

The conventional fit, also known as the classic fit, places an emphasis on precision and comfort throughout the chest and waist. It has a neat, self-assured appearance thanks to the wider cut around the shoulders and sides. Some shirt makers taper their garments all the way down to the waist.

Carded Cotton

Using a mechanical process called carding, fibers are untangled, cleaned, and mixed together to create a continuous web or sliver that is ready for further processing. This is accomplished by transferring the fibers between surfaces that are differential moving and covered in “card clothing,” which is a sturdy, flexible material that contains metal pins.

FAQ Long Sleeve T-Shirts

What is a long sleeve t-shirt called?

Raglan sleeves, commonly referred to as baseball players’ T-shirts, fall within the category of long sleeve T-shirts. The Raglan T-shirt is noted for its distinctive appearance because the sleeves are joined to the shirt using a diagonal seam rather than the more conventional up and down seam.

Where to get long sleeve t-shirts?

There are a number of places you can buy long sleeve t-shirts from. However if you’re looking for high quality long sleeve t-shirts at wholesale prices. The best place to come to is T-Shirts South Africa.