Unisex T-Shirts

Unisex T-Shirts

T-Shirts South Africa supplies various Unisex T-Shirts. Whether you’re looking for Short Sleeved Unisex T-Shirts or Long Sleeve Unisex T-Shirts. Unisex T-Shirts For Men, Unisex T-Shirts For Women. or Unisex Kiddies T-Shirts. We only supply high quality tees from 145 gsm. Choose from 100% Cotton or 100% Polycotton for a more breathable material. Available in either 145gsm, 160gsm or 180gsm. Our Plain Tees For Sale have excellent features like side seamed with double stitching on sleeves and hems. They come in 15 colours including Black. Wahite. Melange. Navy Blue. Royal Blue. Sky Blue. Bottle Green. Emerald Green. Lime Green. Purple. Red. Orange and Yellow. Available in adult sizes starting from smal, medium, large. XL. 2XL and 3XL.

Uniusex Tees For Sale

T-Shirt Features


100% high quality cotton material is used in the making of the garment. It’s soft, durable and friendly to the skin.

Crew Neck

A crew neck is also known as a round neck which is a t-shirt with a round neck hole on a shirt.

Neck Ribbing

Neck ribbing is the way that the neckline is covered in rows of vertical lines. Some are raised and others sunken but all our t-shirts have a neck ribbing.

Double Stitching

Double stitching on the hems and sleeves is used in order to provide a stronger seam for the fabrics being sewn together as well as better keep the fabric from fraying